Your brand image on the road

why truck cleaning really does make a difference for your business

Trucks get filthy. It’s an undeniable truth. The vehicles in your fleet travel across the country in all weather conditions and, being the Great British summer, this inevitably means rain and mud, alongside the usual grime from the roads.

So, if this is such a fact of life in the world of fleet operating, does it really matter if your fleet looks dirty?

We are here to tell you it does. Often a second thought in fleet management, vehicle cleaning can have more of an impact on your company, and how others perceive you, than you may think.

Brand image & identity

When we talk about your brand, we don’t just mean your company logo. Brand image and identity is so much more. It is everything to do with your business, including the associations and assumptions customers, or potential customers, make about your organisation.Taking care of your company’s appearance on the roads speaks volumes for who you are as an organisation.

First impressions count

It is said that we subconsciously form first impressions within seven seconds. Within that time, we start to make assumptions on a person’s traits such as trustworthiness and competency. Looking at this from a business perspective, appearances are everything.

Customers make a judgement about an organisation based on what they see. Dirty, unkempt vehicles on the road make sure your business is in the fast lane towards a negative impression – even if this is subconscious. Having a regular fleet cleaning service in place ensures your fleet is always looking its best, ready to make your first impressions count.

Reflecting your values throughout your business

The values of your business drive you to achieve your goals and form part of your brand identity. They keep you focused, helping you to remember who you are as an organisation and what you bring to the market that is unique. Common values include integrity, quality, accountability. You may have these values in place – but are these standards reflected throughout your business, even on the road?

If they aren’t, then they should be! Caring about your brand image on the road is reflective of the attitude you have in business, and the pride you have as an organisation. A clean fleet speaks volumes for the standards you uphold – you take pride in what you do and who you are from the bottom up.

Be memorable – for the right reasons

When you think of iconic truck branding, what springs to your mind? For us, it has to be the shiny, red ‘Coca-cola’ truck. While this brand may be distinctly different to your business in their market and scale, one thing this example teaches us is that brand image and marketing using vehicles can be a powerful asset.

These vehicles fill the consumer with a sense of joy. And it isn’t the logo that creates that feeling. It’s the associations that come with the imagery – the gleaming truck and warm glowing lights remind us of the brand the world has come to love.

We often spend a huge amount of time and money developing our brand identity and translating this image through vehicle graphics. Coupling this with an excellent cleaning programme ensures that you reap the benefits of your investment, and utilise the marketing opportunity to your benefit.

Through our mobile truck wash service, we can help you to consistently represent your brand at it’s very best when on the road. From curtainside deep cleans, to general mobile fleet washing, Truck Smart creates bespoke packages for our customers to ensure your fleet branding always looks its best. For more information, or to discuss your particular truck washing requirements, please get in touch.

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