Who can benefit from a regular fleet washing service?

Are you considering having your trucks washed regularly? Let’s have a look at who this service is and isn’t for?

Our services are tailored for transport managers and businesses who recognise the importance of a clean fleet.

From a small fleet of 20 trucks to a large operator of 400 plus, Truck Smart is here to partner with you, ensuring your fleet consistently looks its best.

Typically, our customers for this service include:

  • Family run transport companies.
  • Large supply chain operators
  • Businesses who manage their logistics operations internally.

We’re not right for every business. For operators with a smaller fleet of say 1-10 vehicles, managing this in house might be more cost effective.

Invest in your fleets image today, join us for a brighter future.

If you would like a quote that’s tailored to your operation, please head over to our quote form and fill in your details.

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