Truck Smart services – Ten years of truck cleaning and counting!

It has been all go here at Truck Smart as we head towards ten years in business. What a journey it has been! As we reflect on the last ten years and look ahead to the future, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight our services and celebrate some of our current partnerships.

Service in the spotlight – mobile truck wash

Truck and fleet cleaning is our most popular service; we wash over 12,000 vehicles a year. Through our mobile truck cleaning service, every vehicle is cleaned to the highest standard through our 3 step process, ensuring a quality finish every time.

Having a regular mobile fleet cleaning programme in place will deliver many benefits for your business. It is important to maintain your vehicles to keep them on the road, especially following the considerable investment you have made into your fleet.

A clean fleet will also boost your brand image while on the road. Take advantage of the marketing opportunity while going about your business. What’s more, staff morale improves; driving a taintless truck helps your drivers to feel proud to be part of your team.

We pride ourselves on being fleet washing experts. Specialising in the transport industry and working specifically with fleet operators means we know the business inside out. We understand the needs of our customers, and can ensure any fleet washing programme we offer complements your operation.

Truck washing partnerships

We value each and every one of our partnerships, from large national distributors to small local transport firms. This is reciprocated through the loyalty of our customers; 84% of our customers stay with us for more than 4 years.

For example, one of our longest standing customers has been on a fortnightly schedule for over 10 years;

“We have used Sam and his team at Truck Smart for nearly 10 years now. With over 15,000 vehicles cleaned for us I would highly recommend them for all your fleet washing needs. Truck Smart offers a quality, dependable service that is an asset to any firm looking to enhance their fleet image.”

Despite the challenges we all face working through a pandemic, Covid 19 hasn’t slowed us down. We have even recently formed a new partnership with a customer with a fleet of over 30 vehicles, requiring a clean every fortnight.

To find out more about our mobile fleet wash service and how we can help you to enhance your fleet image, please contact us.

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