Truck Smart service in the spotlight: Mobile truck valeting

When implementing a truck cleaning programme, it is easy to just focus your vehicle exteriors. After all, as a fleet operator, this is the main thing you see when your trucks come in and out of your depot. But what about your vehicles’ interiors? A fleet cleaning service which focuses on both truck washing and interior valets may be what you need to boost driver morale and retention rates.

Benefits of mobile truck valeting

Alongside your vehicles, your drivers are the lifeblood of your business. Without your drivers, goods would not be transported, and your fleet would grind to a halt. It is so important to show your drivers that you value them; one way is to provide a nice, clean working environment.

Vehicle interiors can take a lot of abuse. Often drivers are in your vehicles for long journeys, or they may be used by multiple drivers on a regular basis. Having a deep clean every three months will make sure that vehicle interiors are kept on top of and encourage drivers to respect their vehicle and keep it clean.

It can be hard to fit cleaning into your driving team’s already hectic schedule. That’s where Truck Smart’s mobile truck valeting service comes in. As part of our specialist fleet cleaning service, we complete interior valets while on site at a time that suits you, avoiding your peak hours.

Our truck valeting customers

With over 500 interior valets carried out each year alongside our wider fleet cleaning services, we know the transport industry. Our specialist, tailored programmes are created with you and your fleet in mind. This experience and expertise ensures that we can provide the best possible service for our customers. Our testimonials provide a snapshot of the benefits our customers enjoy.

Having recently carried out a one off interior fleet deep clean for a major supply chain operator, the results achieved for the customer were impressive. As a result, we have now built a quarterly interior clean programme for them, covering 25 of their vehicles;

Truck Smart has offered effective and efficient solutions to our fleet washing for the last 6 years. A clean fleet is great for our company image and it also creates a positive working environment for our drivers.”

What’s more, working through a pandemic has proved that a clean, sanitised work environment is more important than ever. We carried out an additional set of interior cleans for a national sofa retailer who has been a loyal customer for over 6 years. Upon return from lockdown, their drivers had a nice, clean vehicle to return to. This gave a much needed morale boost for their team at such a challenging time.

Please contact us to discover more about our interior valet offer, and how we can help you to provide a positive working environment for your drivers.

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