Truck Driver Shortages

Feeling the strain of the driver shortage? How fleet cleaning can help you to attract and retain your drivers

If you work in the transport industry, the major shortage of lorry drivers across the sector won’t be news to you. The perfect storm of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that an already insufficient number of drivers in the workforce have been stretched even further, unable to meet the growing demand on transportation. While there may not be any quick fixes for this mass shortage, it is more important than ever to retain the drivers we do have, and for your business to stand out from the crowd when attracting new drivers.

Employee attraction and retention requires employers to move away from focusing on what they need from the workforce, and to explore what the workforce needs from their employer. This can include  having an open dialogue with your team, celebrating and rewarding success, taking care of employee wellbeing, and providing an inspiring and enjoyable workspace.

This latter point is where fleet cleaning can help. In the logistics and transport industry, our workspace is the humble truck. By creating a comfortable and enjoyable workspace within a driver’s cab, you are showing that you value them as part of your organisation. This inspires a sense of pride, but also creates an element of ownership over their workspace and helps to embed that driver within your organisation. Give a driver an unkempt, dirty workspace, and they will be likely to look elsewhere.

In fact, the benefits of interior truck valeting extend beyond the realm of aesthetics and comfort. One thing the last year has taught us is that cleanliness and hygiene is critical within the workspace. All employees, across all sectors and job roles are entitled to a safe, hygienic place to work. By including truck valeting within your wider fleet cleaning programme, you are demonstrating the steps you are taking to keep your team safe.

If you have a truck valeting programme already in place – are you sharing this with prospective drivers when advertising vacancies? If not, you should be! Help attract drivers to your organisation by shouting about how much you care about driver wellbeing, providing an enjoyable work space and taking driver health seriously.

If you don’t have a truck valeting programme in place, this is where the team at Truck Smart can help. Our mobile truck valeting service is bespoke to each customer, fitting in with your work schedule and driver changeovers. We carry out over 500 truck interior cleans every year, meaning we have the experience and expertise to produce the best results across your fleet.

For more information about our mobile truck valeting programme, and wider fleet cleaning services, please contact us.


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