The Truck Smart guide to brand image – and why it matters

We often talk about brand image in our blog, and its importance for you as a Fleet Operator. But what is a ‘brand’, and is it really that important? In this blog, we revisit the world of branding and discuss what ‘brand image’ is, how it can make an impact for your business, and how you can build a strong brand image through your trucks.

What is a brand image?

When we think of brand image on our roads, we often think of logos, vehicle wraps, and cleverly designed curtain-sides. A brand, however, is much wider than this. The Cambridge English Dictionary defines brand image as ‘a set of features and ideas that customers connect in their minds with a particular product or brand’. Your brand image is more than just marketing material; what really counts is the way in which you present your business, and how you are perceived.

Business benefits of a positive brand image

A positive brand image can bring a number of benefits for your business, with both potential and existing customers. In the world of fleet management, a clean and sparkling truck on the road evokes credibility and professionalism. In contrast, filthy vehicles present negative connotations of an organisation that does not care for its assets.

While brand image will of course extend beyond your fleet to every area of your operations, consistently ensuring your business is represented in a positive way encourages memorability. Subconsciously, both customers and potential customers build an impression of what your business stands for each time they come into contact with your brand. The more positive each experience is, the better chance you have of evoking a positive brand association – contributing towards their relationship with your brand.

How to build a strong brand image

While businesses can spend an extensive amount of money on branding exercises, we believe that a great place to start is with the small details that are often overlooked. Think about what you stand for as a company and how you can exemplify this through your operations. On the most basic level, it may be how your team members and company vehicles are presented on a daily basis. Ensure each area of your operations is value-driven, right down to the way your drivers interact with customers, and how your vehicles are presented on the roads; your brand image and business will reap the benefits.

At Truck Smart, we make brands look their very best on the road. 

We work with all of our customers to find a mobile fleet washing programme that contributes to a brand image on the road. Our five step truck wash process delivers exceptional results, and when scheduled on a weekly or fortnightly basis ensures that vehicle presentation is consistently positive. To find out how Truck Smart can help your brand deliver for your business while on the road, please contact us.


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