The Dirty Details – Truck Smart’s top tips for Truck Interior Valets

Would you say that your truck interior is cleaner than a toilet seat? We’re guessing that you would hope so, but you may have to think again. A new study from Aston University, commissioned by Scrap Car Comparison, has shown that vehicle interiors have a higher level of bacteria than the average toilet, including E-Coli, and bacteria causing coughs and colds. This dirty discovery highlights the importance of having regular cleaning protocols in place, especially in fleet management and high usage vehicles.

The research shows that the most contaminated culprits are the boot space, driver seat and gearstick. While this study was based on a selection of domestic cars with varied levels of usage and ownership history, it speaks volumes for the importance of interior valets, especially in vehicles that have numerous drivers and heavy usage.

Here at Truck Smart, we specialise in truck cleaning, and have the winning formula for keeping your fleet at its freshest. Here are our top five tips for interior valets;

  • Deep clean upholstery

A standard valet service will always vacuum vehicle seats, but this doesn’t always cut it. For the best finish and most hygienic results, a full valet service needs to include shampooing all upholstered areas, including seats and beds. These high usage areas have been shown to have more E-Coli bacteria than a toilet, so ensuring these spaces are fully cleaned in vehicles with regular driver changeovers is really important for driver hygiene and health.

  • Steam is key

While vacuum cleaning is important to clear any debris left by drivers, the floors are ultimately still rife with hidden bacteria. This is why a deeper clean is required with a steam cleaner. The high temperature of our steam cleaners kill germs that are remaining on floor surfaces by destroying their cells and halting replication. 

  • Sterilise surfaces 

When tackling the dashboard or high usage areas such as the gearstick, it is again important to go the extra mile. A wipe over with a duster and polish may look enough, but it is the hidden bacteria that lurks behind that’s the problem. Using a specialist cleaner to thoroughly sterilise before polishing is essential. 

  • The finishing touches

Keeping truck interiors clean and fresh has benefits extending past hygiene and health. It can boost driver morale, help to retain drivers, and provide a comfortable, enjoyable environment that will become the standard for drivers to maintain. Finishing touches like an air freshener in the vehicle are subtle reminders that you care for your vehicles, take pride in the working environment and encourage a greater level of cleanliness from your drivers.

  • Call in the experts

If you struggle to fit in the time to clean your truck interiors, or find driver hand overs inefficient, calling in a specialist mobile truck valeting service may be the answer. You can then rest assured that the very best equipment is used, surfaces are actually clean, and that your drivers have a hygienic work space.

At Truck Smart, we offer a fully mobile, specialist service for fleet operators and transport firms of all sizes To find out more about our mobile interior valet services, and how we can help you to keep the bacteria at bay in your trucks, please contact the Truck Smart team.


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