Refresh Your Fleet with Curtain-side Restoration – Who is this service for? And who it isn’t!


Do you want to improve the image of your fleet and have your curtain-sided trailers restored? Let’s have a look at who this service is and isn’t for?

Typically, this service suits companies that may already have a brush wash onsite. Often, conventional brush washes fall short of delivering the desired results and trailers may require additional periodic deep cleaning to bring them back up to scratch.

Typically, our customers for this service include:

– Family run transport companies – We carried out a project restoring over 300 trailers for a firm who wanted to improve the condition of their trailers.

– Large supply chain operators – A recent project included bringing 500 trailers back to life in a multi-site operation.

– Supermarket fleets – Previous work includes restoring 1000 trailers nationally for a major supermarket.

We’re not right for every business. For operators with a smaller fleet of say 1-10 vehicles, managing this in house might be more cost effective.

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