We help Profile Logistics with a wide range of services to enhance their fleets image.

Profile was one of our first original customers and they have been working with us for 14 years. They have opted to wash their fleet on a fortnightly basis moving to weekly at times when the bad weather sets in. This helps keep their fleet looking it’s best and protects their brand image.

Since 2010 we have carried out more than 21,000 vehicle washes for Profile. As a company they are continuing to promote their brand through operating clean trucks, and we are honoured to help support them moving forward.

Truck Smart is here to help. Reach out today, and let’s begin your fleet’s transformation with our wide range of fleet cleaning services.

Truck Smart - Mobile Truck Washing and Fleet Cleaning Specialists


Truck Smart - Mobile Truck Washing and Fleet Cleaning Specialists

A Little About Us

Truck Smart is a market-leading company that offers an unparalleled level of service. Since 2010, we have been successfully serving the haulage and transport industry. We have a wide portfolio of blue-chip companies who use our mobile fleet cleaning services. Our team have been trained to the highest standards, giving your company full of peace of mind that your vehicles will always be professionally cleaned. We are passionate about quality and protective of our well-earned reputation.

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