Improving your company image – Keep your fleet clean and watch your brand shine

Company image is incredibly important. How stakeholders perceive your organisation effects your reputation and impacts the potential business you can acquire and retain. There are numerous factors that influence your company image, but for those with vehicles out on the road, your fleet is key. Taking pride in your fleet appearance tells potential customers that your company takes great care in what you do, and delivers to a high standard.

You’ve invested in your fleet, worked hard to perfect your branding, and watched as your vehicles have represented your company out on the road. Whether you are a small independent haulier or a large national firm, having a fully branded fleet on the road has a significant impact on your company image and reputation. Your trucks are acting as brand ambassadors while doing what they do, making deliveries and meeting your customers’ needs.

Through this hard work, it is inevitable that your fleet is going to get dirty. And we understand how frustrating this can be. Introducing an effective fleet cleaning programme can ensure you keep on top of your company image on the road and fill your stakeholders with confidence in your brand.

When investing in a fleet cleaning programme it is important to ensure that it is tailored to meet your organisational requirements. At Truck Smart, we offer a professional, consistent and reliable service that is designed with fleets in mind. We understand that often timing is key to ensure efficiency and minimal downtime, and therefore offer a 7 day service at a time to suit your organisation. We work closely with our customers when creating a cleaning programme, dependant on fleet size, vehicle type, and frequency of cleaning required. This ensures that fleet cleaning becomes part of your routine, and not an inconvenience.

We understand the importance of your brand as we take great pride in our brand too. We will work with you to keep your brand shining on the road.


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