How much does it cost to wash a truck?

Hello! Sam here from Truck Smart. In this blog I’m going to talk about pricing for our regular fleet washing service.

Quite often one size doesn’t fit all and each of our customers operations are different, requiring varying levels of support. As a rough idea it can cost anywhere from £12 – £40+ per vehicle. But it depends on several key variables.

Here I’ll outline the 5 main factors affecting price.

Fleet Size – How many units/ Rigids / trailers do you operate in total? Are most of them accessible at once? Typically, larger operators will pay a lower cost per unit due to economies of scale.

Availability – When can your fleet be cleaned? Is it day / evenings or weekends? Our peak periods are weekends when vehicles are off the road so typically any weekday bookings are cheaper.

Water supply – Do you have an external water supply on site?

Wash Area – Do you have a designated wash area on site? Or can the vehicles be cleaned anywhere?

Frequency – How often do you want your trucks washed? Our most popular option is fortnightly.

If you would like a quote that’s tailored to your operation, please head over to our quote form and fill in your details.

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