How clean is your trailer?
Trailer Sterilisation for fleet operators

If your customers wanted to view your vehicle interiors right at this moment, would you be comfortable with what they would see?

In the transport industry, we so often think about brand image and how we look on the road, but can overlook the lesser seen interiors. Whatsmore, with Covid-19 transmission persisting, the importance of hygiene remains paramount for both customers and your workforce. In this blog we revisit the importance of trailer sterilisation when moving goods – after all,  it is what is on the inside that counts!

As we pass 18 months since the first lockdown, it is becoming more and more clear that Covid is not going away. Even those who have been fully vaccinated continue to be infectious to others. This gives rise to the continued possibility of outbreaks in the workforce, whether through touchpoints in shared vehicles, or surface contamination when loading and unloading.

A regular cleaning and sterilisation programme will help to stop virus transmission in its tracks and keep your workforce safe. A proactive, preventative approach avoids crisis, rather than relying on reactive, emergency cleaning.

So, what does a trailer sterilisation programme need to include?

High quality detergents

When cleaning the inside of a trailer, not just any detergent will do the job. A space which sees such a high volume of traffic requires a high specification cleaner that cuts through grime, grease and surface contaminants. The right detergent needs to be approved too, ensuring that the product is safe for your workspace.

Understanding of Health & Safety 

If your fleet transports food goods, you will know the importance of keeping your trailer interiors sterile for public health. When commissioning a trailer sanitation service, using a commercial specialist will ensure that they also know and understand the importance of the highest quality results for your spaces, and how to deliver these effectively to meet requirements.

Visible results

Ultimately, you want to see the difference that a trailer washout has made. A visibly clean space won’t only ensure you are meeting your health and safety requirements, but it will also boost your team morale. Feeling safe and secure in the workplace, whether that be in a cab or in the trailer, is paramount to health and wellbeing. It also fosters a more hygienic and clean work practice amongst team members – maintaining a clean space rather than becoming accustomed to surrounding grime.

If you would like to explore options for trailer sterilisation for your fleet, please get in touch with our team. Truck Smart offers comprehensive, tailored programmes for fleet operators and transport firms of all sizes and across industries, meaning we can meet your cleaning needs. We use high quality, approved detergents when carrying out trailer washouts, coupled with the extensive knowledge and experience within our team to produce the best results. Visit our website to find out more.


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