Have your vehicles seen better days after the recent cold snap? Time to get your fleet washing reviewed.

We all know that winter takes its toll on vehicles. Regular downpours, ice, and the resulting grit and salt on the roads have the potential to wreak havoc on both the cleanliness and condition of your fleet. Beat the freeze and implement a regular cleaning programme to stop lasting damage in its tracks.

At this time of year, grit and salt is essential. It keeps us on the road, going about our business and minimising dangerous driving conditions for the safety of your drivers and the public. But it can also have a damaging effect on vehicles – chipping paint and, if left neglected can cause rust and corrosion, reducing the lifespan of your vans and trucks.

We recognise the importance of keeping your fleet looking its finest and in great condition. Whether you are a small transport firm or a large national distributor, your fleet is at the heart of what you do. Not only are your vehicles carrying out your core functions, they are your champions on the road, representing your brand to both existing and potential customers.

Implementing a regular cleaning programme can help you to prevent any lasting damage this winter, minimising maintenance costs and ensuring you consistently have a high standard of cleanliness across your fleet. At Truck Smart, we offer a specialist mobile fleet cleaning service, tailored to fit the needs of each organisation we partner with. We can help you to get your fleet through winter with minimal damage, keeping your vehicles in tip-top condition for the year ahead.

We support numerous companies to maintain the condition of their fleet throughout the year with excellent results. For more information about our fleet cleaning services and how we can help your company maintain your fleet whatever the weather, please contact us.


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