Has COVID-19 corroded your fleet image? Take care of your trucks with a mobile fleet cleaning service

COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown measures have led to a tough few months for many businesses within the transport and haulage industry. Whether your fleet delivers food, health supplies or other goods that have helped to keep the nation going, your trucks have likely taken a lot of abuse in order to respond to demand. But have you remembered to take care of them?

Although lockdown measures are now easing, it is likely that the demand on your fleet may continue for some time. It is easy to forget about truck cleaning, especially as your time as a fleet operator is stretched more and more. Prioritising your vehicles at this time by introducing a specialist fleet wash programme will pay off significantly.

When introducing a cleaning programme, both exterior and interior services are essential. Truck washing and curtain-side cleaning maintains your vehicles to avoid corrosion and damage, but also helps to enhance your brand image. Keeping your vehicles clean speaks volumes about the pride you take in your brand and takes advantage of the marketing opportunity you have while on the road.

Vehicle interiors are just as important. Instill confidence in your existing customers by having a specialist trailer internal cleaning programme in place. Trailer sterilisation tells your stakeholders that you are meeting health and safety requirements in the face of COVID-19 and going above and beyond to deliver goods in a sterile way.

Furthermore, your workforce – the key workers and heroes of the nation – deserve a safe, clean space to work while delivering goods across the country. Having an interior truck valet programme can show your drivers that you value them and help them to feel proud when stepping into one of your vehicles.

But we get it – time can be an issue. As an already stretched fleet operator, where are you going to find the time to keep your vehicles gleaming inside and out?

The answer is a scheduled mobile fleet cleaning service.

Using a mobile fleet wash service will help you to reduce the pressure on your business. Time is tight – a fact we understand at Truck Smart through our specialist work with the transport industry. This is why all of our mobile fleet wash programmes are tailored to work around your business needs and avoid peak hours.

To find out more information about mobile fleet cleaning services and how Truck Smart can support you to maintain your fleet, please contact us.


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