Green & Clean – How using a mobile truck washing company will minimise the environmental impact of your fleet

The core function of fleet operators – making deliveries, racking up road miles and consuming fuel – has a significant impact on the environment. As a fleet operators or distributor, it can be a challenge to find quick, achievable methods of reducing your impact in the short term, alongside your long term targets.

One small way to help you meet your sustainability targets in the short term could be through changing your fleet washing process. Using a mobile service, rather than travelling to get your vehicles washed, could be a quick win, evidencing to your stakeholders that you are moving your business towards a more eco-friendly work practice.

A major commitment for all within the transport industry is the reduction of unnecessary road miles and wasting of fuel. A mobile fleet washing company such as Truck Smart will enable you to reduce miles travelled and fuel consumed, without letting your vehicle condition and brand image suffer. Through our mobile truck washing service, we come to your base and wash multiple vehicles in one visit, rather than each of your vehicles making individual trips to a truck wash.

Let’s look at the numbers. One of our current customers has 30 vehicles. On average, each of these vehicles previously visited a truck wash on a weekly basis. By appointing a mobile fleet washing service, the organisation avoided detours and additional trips to truck washes, reducing their road miles by over 400 miles per month. This in turn reduced their fuel consumption – a movement in the right direction for their sustainability targets and saving £££ in fuel costs and driver downtime.

At Truck Smart, we care about our impact on the environment too.  We work hard to find more sustainable ways of working which, in turn, help you to meet your environmental targets. For example, we use an eco-friendly traffic film remover when deep-cleaning vehicles, which both provides outstanding results and is biodegradable. Working with a company like Truck Smart, you can be confident that we are doing our bit for the environment and looking for cleaning solutions that minimise our impact.

Although changing to a mobile truck wash company may be a very small step towards a much bigger picture, these types of changes can help move your organisation towards a more eco-conscious way of working. To find out more about how working with Truck Smart can benefit your organisation, please contact us.

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