Five steps to fresh – A guide to the Truck Smart mobile truck wash process

They say three is a magic number, but at Truck Smart our magic number is five. The reason? Our tried and tested truck cleaning process has five steps, all of which ensure the very best results are delivered for our customers, every time.

When it comes to truck washing services, we really are experts. Over the last 10 years of business, our team has built up extensive experience across fleet sizes, vehicle types, and sectors. We work with all sizes of customer, from small transport firms to large blue chip companies and wash over 12,000 vehicles a year. We washed 1,500 vehicles in September alone! This knowledge and expertise has led to our five step process, which promises results.

Step 1- Check

Before any washing starts, we first check the vehicle to ensure windows are closed and there are no potential hazards. We continually monitor the area to ensure we are working in the safest possible way for both our team and yours.

Step 2 – Foam

We use a high quality, eco traffic film remover to coat the vehicles and loosen the dirt. This is applied using our heated pressure washer at between 40 and 80 degrees, depending on the level of build up on the truck.

Step 3 – Brush

We manually brush all vehicles to ensure the highest quality finish. This hands on approach ensures that we deliver the best results, and the additional manpower we dedicate to the job ensures your vehicles are kept looking as good as new.

Step 4- Rinse

Next, your vehicles are rinsed using our heated system. Once the dirt and traffic film remover is cleared, your vehicles are squeaky clean and ready to represent your brand on the roads.

Step 5 – Finish

We take the quality of our work seriously, which means the most important part of any vehicle clean is the last sign off. We check the windows and mirrors have a smear free finish and the vehicle meets the Truck Smart quality requirements.

This five step process, along with our extensive fleet washing experience, ensures that we deliver the highest quality, consistent results for our customers. This level of service is evidenced through our customer loyalty; on average, our customers stay with us for over 4 years.

To find out more about our five step mobile fleet wash process and how we can add value to your fleet cleaning program, please contact us.

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