Feeling frazzled as a Fleet Manager? Truck Smart’s five tips for managing stress while keeping your trucks trucking

If you work in the transport industry and operate a fleet of vehicles, it would be fair to say that you have been working through some of the most challenging times of your career. From the pressure of Covid restrictions, driver strikes and shortages, Brexit requirements and growing delivery demand – there have been a lot of plates to juggle to keep your trucks driving and delivering. But have you been remembering to prioritise yourself too?

It is so important to remember to look after yourself, especially while working under such pressures. Recognising your potential stress levels will help you to act early to keep well and, from a business perspective, ensure that you are in the best state to do your job. Here are Truck Smart’s top tips to help you stay well and drive unmanageable stress away. 


Learning about stress is the first step when attempting to manage it. Signs that you are experiencing unmanageable stress include changes in your mood and personality towards irritability, impatience, anxiety or anger. If you have recognised that you are not quite feeling yourself, or reacting in ways that you wouldn’t usually, the next four steps can help you manage your stress and feel more in control. 


Talking about how we are feeling, or how we may be coping in the workplace, isn’t always an easy thing to do. But if you are overwhelmed by all of the challenges of the last 18 months, and with Christmas chaos on it’s way, it is perfectly normal to feel that way – after all we have been living through extraordinary times. Talking through the challenges you are facing with your Manager or co-workers is a good way to unburden yourself and find solutions. 


While our vehicles may be constantly on the move, as a Fleet Manager you may find yourself sat all day at a desk. If that is the case, frequent short breaks are really important to keep your mind and body well. Take a wander around the office, walk to replenish your water bottle – or mug – anything to get some gentle exercise for a few minutes and get your steps up. Having short breaks away from the desk can boost your mood and increase your productivity, while giving you time to take a breather from work pressures. 


Whether it’s exercise, listening to music, spending time with loved ones, or even mindfulness that floats your boat – we all need to prioritise time for the things we enjoy outside of work to relax and in turn manage our stress. The ever elusive work/life balance can be a hard thing to achieve, but making positive changes is a step in the right direction on the road to less stress.

So, how do the team at Truck Smart fit into this?

If you are feeling the pressure of the endless tasks as a Fleet Manager, it might be that keeping your fleet clean keeps getting bumped down the ‘to-do’ list. Through our experience and knowledge of the sector, we can create a fleet cleaning programme which meets your requirements, meaning you have one less thing to worry about. Please get in contact with us to find out more. 

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