In this post I’m excited to delve into one of our customer case studies, showcasing how we partnered with Tesco to elevate the image of their fleet.

Tesco enlisted our services for a comprehensive fleet cleaning program, and curtain-side deep cleans were at the forefront. We embarked on a national plan, breathing new life into over 1000 curtain-sided trailers, restoring them back to their former glory. The refreshed curtains not only looked fantastic but also paved the way for efficient brush washes onsite, ensuring a sustained, vibrant appearance.

Prior to the festive rush, we stepped in to perform interior valets for 100 vehicles at one Tesco site, just before the Christmas period. This investment not only created a sparkling, clean workspace for the hardworking drivers but also garnered positive feedback, with drivers expressing genuine appreciation for Tesco’s investment in their well-being.

a local site, conducting weekly visits to keep their fleet of 600 trailers in great condition. This proactive approach ensured that their trailers not only looked great but also adhered to hygiene standards.

But we don’t just stop at routine services – we’re there for responsive tasks too. From interior valets for driver changeovers to preparing vehicles for decommission. Truck Smart is your go-to solution for all your fleet’s appearance needs.

If you’re ready to give your fleet a makeover and enhance its overall appearance, look no further than Truck Smart. We’re here to ensure your vehicles not only look great but also operate in a clean and efficient environment. Ready to transform your fleet? Let Truck Smart lead the way!

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