Creating a safe, clean working environment – Three reasons to maintain your vehicle internals and how Truck Smart can help

Maintaining your fleet isn’t only about the external image and cleanliness of your vehicles. You also need to think inside the box to keep both your drivers and customers safe, and maximise productivity for your company. Here are three reasons why keeping your vehicle internals clean can benefit your organisation, and how we can help you at Truck Smart.

  1. Health and Safety

If your vehicles are carrying food, you will understand how essential it is to keep the internals of your vehicles clean and hygienic for the safety of your customers. However, the importance of a clean vehicle for health and safety isn’t only applicable to vehicles distributing foodstuffs.

A regular washing programme for your vehicle internals can also help to prevent slips, trips and falls, keeping your workforce safe in the workplace.

At Truck Smart, we offer a range of services to improve the safety of your vehicles, from trailer washouts and sterilisation to internal valets, tailored to suit your organisation’s needs. We have helped numerous customers from large supermarkets to small transport firms to meet their health and safety requirements through our fleet cleaning services.

  1. Improving efficiency and maximising productive time

Maintaining a clean fleet can maximise the efficiency of the loading and unloading process. Keeping trailers sanitised and free of debris ensures that warehouse staff can make the best use of their time, boosting productivity.

Clearing vehicles can take drivers or warehouse staff away from the task at hand.  Utilising a specialist fleet cleaning service can ensure that your workforce are focused on delivering in the most efficient way possible, and are not distracted by cleaning and maintenance.

When providing a fleet cleaning service, we understand that often timing is key to ensure efficiency and minimal downtime. At Truck Smart, we offer a 7 day service at a time to suit your organisation. We work closely with our customers when creating a cleaning programme to ensure that fleet cleaning enhances workforce productivity, and does not become a hindrance.

  1. Driving a motivated, proud workforce

We believe that providing a clean, well maintained work space enhances staff satisfaction and therefore positively impacts driver retention and motivation in the workplace.

Our truck interior valets will help you to provide a clean working environment for your drivers. Furthermore, our wider fleet cleaning services will help you to enhance your brand image and provide vehicles that your drivers are proud to climb into. Our testimonials illustrate how we have supported our customers to maintain a positive working environment and brand image through fleet maintenance.

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