Benefits of using Truck Smart
How our specialist truck washing service can help you to boost fleet efficiency

Are you taking time out during your peak delivery time in order to use truck cleaning services? Is the productive time of your team being used for fleet maintenance and cleaning? If so, you could achieve tangible efficiency savings for your company by reviewing your fleet maintenance programme. Using a specialist fleet cleaning company like Truck Smart can help you to keep your fleet on the road for longer, maximise driver productivity and in turn enhance organisational efficiency.

As a fleet operator, keeping vehicles and drivers on the road for as long as safely possible is your priority. If you are using a local truck wash or on-site brush wash, our services at Truck Smart will help you to achieve efficiency savings immediately. Our mobile truck cleaning offer ensures that your drivers no longer need to wait in-line or waste time cleaning vehicles, and driving time is maximised.

The quality of our cleaning programmes will reduce the amount of time needed to maintain the condition of your vehicles. Often, on-site brush washes or generic cleaning services will provide a quick wash. Relying on this leads to a build-up of grime, and you will need to spend more time in an effort to get your vehicles clean. At Truck Smart we offer a quality deep-clean service; when used regularly, your vehicles can be kept in an ‘as new’ condition, and the amount of time spent cleaning is reduced.

Many cleaning services run during standard ‘office hours’. We know that this may not work for you, depending on your peak delivery time. No two fleet operators will have the same requirements, and this is why each of our cleaning packages is customised with you in mind.  We offer a flexible, 7 day a week service at times to suit your organisation, working around your busy schedules and helping you to maximise productivity of your vehicles and drivers.

At Truck Smart, we work specifically within the transport industry; we understand your requirements and needs, and have proven results in keeping vehicles on the road in excellent condition. To find out how we can enhance your fleet maintenance programme and help you to achieve efficiency savings, please contact us.

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